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This has been replaced by the How To Perform A Release page

Planning a Release

This page outlines how to plan a MicroProfile release, and is primarily targeted at release owners.

Release Cadence

The MicroProfile Platform Specification releases at a pre-determined cadence, roughly each February, June, and October. June releases have the option to include MicroProfile/BreakingChanges, implying a major release.

Individual Component Specifications have no specific guideline related to cadence. Each Component Specification team can release major, minor, and patch versions whenever deemed necessary.

Release Versioning

MicroProfile Platform and Component specification should follow the rules for MicroProfile/SpecVersioning.

Pre-planning a Release

Determining MicroProfile Platform release contents

For a MicroProfile Platform release, MicroProfile project leads should work with individual specification teams to determine which MicroProfile Component Specification versions will be included in a platform release. This should be done in a public forum such as the Google Group or in the MicroProfile/MicroProfileLiveHangouts. Formalization of Component Specification inclusion is done in the MicroProfile Live Hangout.

Recommended MicroProfile Platform Specification Release pre-planning timeline

  • The first two months between release cycles is generally quiet as Component Specification teams do exploratory work and plan features. During this time MicroProfile project leads should plan a release date for the next release.
  • 4-10 weeks before release date: Create a MicroProfile release. This formalizes to the community the release plans.
  • 3 weeks before release date: MicroProfile Component Releases Due. Each Component release is responsible for its own [Development Resources/Contribution Questionnaire]
  • 2 weeks before release date: Submit Release to the Eclipse Management Office.
  • 2 weeks before release date: Create a MicroProfile Platform Specification Release Candidate in github. Create additional release candidates if necessary to reflect last-minute changes.
  • Release date: EMO approves release. Since late 2018, Eclipse Foundation only requires project teams to engage in a release review for releases that occur more than one year after their last successful release review. See Wayne's blog for more details.
  • Within a few days of Release date: Create a MicroProfile Platform Specification final release in github.

Additional Information

Various factors can influence the release date, including holidays, the Eclipse Management Office (EMO) release review dates, etc. However, MicroProfile Platform Specification releases should maintain true to its cadence. It is recommended to target a release early (first Wednesday) in the target month. If something goes wrong, then the release can be scheduled later (3rd Wednesday) in the target month and maintain its cadence.

Make sure MicroProfile Marketing team is aware of the release date and contents early on in the process. This is typically communicated during the MicroProfile Live Hangouts.

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