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Who's using Eclipse MicroProfile

This wiki page is to profile production deployments of Eclipse MicroProfile. Please add your details below if you consume Eclipse MicroProfile.

Client name Client website MicroProfile Spec used in production Runtime
Saudi National Information Center - Biometrics Center of Excellence MP 1.3 WebSphere Liberty
Multiply MP 1.3 Wildfly-swarm / Thorntail 2.0
Weex - Payara Micro
George Labuschagne (@georgelappies) - MP 1.0 Wildfly Swarm
Adam Bien ( MP 1.0-2.0 Wildfly Full (workshop registration), Payara Full (stats), OpenLiberty Java EE 8 + MP (backend), TomEE+ (blog)
IoTOS (IoT Operating System) MP 2.0 Payara 5.184 Full
15toGO MP 1.3 Wildfly Swarm
b<>com MP 3.3 Thorntail 2.7.0 and Quarkus 1.6.1
Digitech365 MP 1.0-2.0 Wildfly Swarm
GRID applications MP 2.1 WildFly Full with Small Rye
SEB MP 2.x various projects use different versions Open Liberty

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