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Client name Client website MicroProfile Spec used in production Runtime
Saudi National Information Center - Biometrics Center of Excellence MP 1.3 WebSphere Liberty
Multiply MP 1.3 Wildfly-swarm / Thorntail 2.0
Weex - Payara Micro
George Labuschagne (@georgelappies) - MP 1.0 Wildfly Swarm
Adam Bien ( MP 1.0-2.0 Wildfly Full (workshop registration), Payara Full (stats), OpenLiberty Java EE 8 + MP (backend), TomEE+ (blog)
IoTOS (IoT Operating System) MP 2.0 Payara 5.184 Full
15toGO MP 1.3 Wildfly Swarm
b<>com MP 2.1 Thorntail 2.3.0
Digitech365 MP 1.0-2.0 Wildfly Swarm

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