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= Frequently Asked Questions =
= Frequently Asked Questions =
[[MemoryAnalyzer]], [ Home Page], [ Forum]
== Problems Getting Heap Dumps ==
== Problems Getting Heap Dumps ==

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Frequently Asked Questions

MemoryAnalyzer, Home Page, Forum

Problems Getting Heap Dumps

Error: Found instance segment but expected class segment

This error indicates an inconsistent heap dump: The data in the heap dump is written in various segments. In this case, an address expected in a class segment is written into a instance segment.

The problem has been reported in heap dumps generated by jmap on Linux and Solaris operation systems and jdk1.5.0_13 and below. Solution: use latest jdk/jmap version or use jconsole to write the heap dump (needs jdk6).

Error: Invalid heap dump file. Unsupported segment type 0 at position XZY

This almost always means the heap dumps has not been written properly by the Virtual Machine. The Memory Analyzer is not able to read the heap dump.

If you are able to read the dump with other tools, please file a bug report.

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