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Maturity Assessment WG

Goal of the IWG

This working group works on the criteria used to describe maturity assessment, its development and dissemination. It also has to provide some means to improve the maturity.

People involved

  • Group leader(*): Gaël Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Boris Baldassari(*) (Castalia Solutions)
  • Oscar Slotosch about tool qualification (Validas AG)
  • Pierre Gaufillet for now (Airbus)
  • Jesus Gonzalez-Barahona (Bitergia)
  • Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia)

(*) Group leader commits to make the working group progress


About 50 attendees were there, feedback was generally good and people have shown a deep interest. Slides are also available on the Polarsys website.



  • Define the maturity scale we want to implement (do we choose TRL or do we invent a sort of PRL for Polarsys Readiness Level?)
  • How to improve the maturity of a component
    • Improve the Eclipse development process.
    • Setup a functional testing environment.
  • Capitalize on the OPEES studies on maturity in the context of Polarsys (see University of Valencia)
  • Identify if we can reuse the prototype developed with GPM in Polarsys

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