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MasterDetailOneReport (BIRT)

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This example is Bugzilla ID 181205. If you would like to contribute an example see the example contribution guidelines.


These examples demonstrate building a master detail report in: a) one report, using nested tables and parameters. b) one report, using separated tables and parameters.

BIRT Version Compatibility

These Examples were built and tested with BIRT 2.2 M5.

Example Files

Example Reports Zipped


Example A has two datasets. The first retrieves information from the orders table based on the passed in Order Number report parameter. This data is displayed in a table. The second dataset retrieves order details for a given ordernumber and is displayed in a table that is nested in the above table. Both datasets use dataset parameters, but the first dataset parameter is tied to the report paramter and the second dataset parameter is tied to a table column from the outer table.

The inner dataset parameter is bound using the Dataset Parameter Binding button located on the Binding Tab of the nested table. This is illustrated below:

BIRT Datasetbind.PNG

Example B is similar to example A but tables are separated (not nested). First table displays ordernumber and put this data to reportContext. Second table retrives order details for the given ordernumber by extracting it from the reportContext.


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