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MT4E Changelog

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Changelog for Maven Tools 4 Eclipse

Version 0.13.0

These major features were implemented in this version:

  1. Orbit renaming

    Orbit renaming means that all bundles which come from the Orbit project are moved to the group org.eclipse.orbit and the artifacts are renamed to orbit.*. This means org.apache.commons.lang is moved to

    The main reason for this is to prevent mixing bundles from Orbit and Maven Central.

  2. Class deletion

    Class deletion is a new feature to delete classes from Eclipse bundles during the conversion. This is necessary to fix problems with org.apache.batik.pdf

  3. Suppressing of warnings in reports

    Reports can contain an overwhelming number of warnings that you don't really care about or, worse, that you can't fix. The analyze command now accepts a file with warnings to ignore.

  4. The command p2ls can be used to examine the content of a remote or local P2 repository. The Swing UI allows to download individual bundles with and without source and/or dependencies
  5. The command show does the same for a local M2 repository
  6. The command download can download bundles by URL (using the Eclipse mirror infrastructure plus a local cache). See the script for an example.

Further changes:

  • Because of bugs in the Maven Eclipse Plugin, MT4E now contains its own code to create POMs from Eclipse bundles. This also allows to handle nested JARs and source bundles.
  • Many patches accept glob-style patterns.
  • Optional dependencies no longer cause an entry in the "Missing Dependencies" section of the report
  • Error and warning messages contain links to explanations in this wiki (overview)
  • The command fails with an exit code != 0 in case of an error. That allows to use it in scripts.

The versions 0.12 and 0.11 were not released.

Version 0.10.0

This is a maintenance release to fix the most pressing issues.

Bugs Fixed

  • 367461 - [mt4e] mt4e needs
  • 354381 - eclipse 3.7 not supported? Error: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: args for class: m4e.ImportTool

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