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MMT/QVTo/New and Noteworthy/2019-09

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Eclipse QVT Operational New and Noteworthy items for the 2019-09 (3.10.0) release.

3.10.0 Milestone 3

550053 The root QVTo metamodel EPackage is now statically rather than lazily registered


Eclipse QVT Operational New and Noteworthy items for the 2019-12 (3.10.1) release.

Nothing has changed, but changes to the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure merit a maintenance release.


Eclipse QVT Operational New and Noteworthy items for the 2020-06 (3.10.2) release.

3.10.2 Milestone 1

561707 Regression for implicitly contained elements fixed

3.10.2 Milestone 2

562732 Java 8 now explicitly rather than implicitly required for UI functionality


472482 QVTo now integrates with JDT to resolve blackbox modules on the classpath of a Java project. This makes it possible to get rid of the 'No blackbox implementation found' warning.

562175 When creating a new QVTo plug-in project, the directory for *.qvto files is now automatically registered by adding an extension to the plugin.xml file. Imports of *.qvto files can thus be resolved against this directory in an Eclipse environment.

565747 QVTo now aims to automatically infer the namespace URIs needed to resolve blackbox operations. For example, to resolve a blackbox operation that uses types from the Ecore metamodel, the corresponding Java class no longer needs to be annotated with @Module(packageURIs={""}).

566216 The Java blackbox resolution now conforms to the Liskov substitution principle. This makes it possible for a Java blackbox method to return a subtype of the QVTo return type or to accept supertypes of the QVTo parameter types.

566230 The Java blackbox resolution now takes into account the argument types of parameterized types. When a Java blackbox method uses a parameterized type, its argument types must be compatible with those of the corresponding QVTo type, which prevents invalid bindings between QVTo types and Java types.

3.10.4 Milestone 3

566236 Whitespace in URIs tolerated

570407 GenModels no longer provoke metamodel schizophrenia

573449 Blackboxes can be resolved against workspace metamodels

573659 QVTo Units can be importedfrom required plugins

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