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MMT/QVTo/New and Noteworthy/2018-09

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Eclipse QVT Operational New and Noteworthy items for the 2018-09 (3.9.0), 2018-12 (3.9.1), 2019-03 (3.9.2), 2019-06 (3.9.3) releases.

3.9.0 Milestone 1

535495 Migrate all files to EPL 2.0

3.9.0 Milestone 3

533155 Avoid null ResourceSet NPE for some *.qvtotrace files
537041 Simplify metamodel loading avoiding duplicates

3.9.0 Release Candidate 2

538600 Test plugins add a hard org.eclipse.equinox.ds dependency

3.9.1 Milestone 1

538600 Test plugins have an optional org.eclipse.equinox.ds dependency
539656 Eclipse no longer supports Win 32
537694 is no longer used to enhance Java Unicode support

3.9.1 Milestone 3

539656 Eclipse no longer supports Win 32
540971 Internal Monitor and BundleUnitResolver APIs re-instated to avoid GMF Tooling breakage

3.9.2 Milestone 3

391289 QVTo prefix added to task labels to avoid ambiguity with other builders
514714 "QVTo" or "QVT Operational" rather than "Operational QVT" preferred in menus/dialogs
539655 Use of Tycho 1.3.0 eliminates need for any org.eclipse.equinox.ds dependency
539910 Standalone black boxes no longer fail through use of relative URIs

3.9.2 Release Candidate 1

537609 QVTo launch is now wrapped in a Job that may be viewed/cancelled in Progress View

3.9.3 Milestone 1

545066 Cancelling a black box no longer gives an untidy stack trace

3.9.3 Milestone 2

547454 The use of Guava by the coverage support no longer imposes any version limits

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