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MDT/UML2Tools/New and Noteworthy/Galileo

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Milestone 6

The milestone was completed on 19th of March 2009

Improved look'n'feel

Selection feedback

265822 [ClassD] - Improve appearance of selection feedback

  • Improved selection feedback
  • Names of compartments are generally hidden, but they are shown on element selection

Here Class1 and Class2 are the same. Class1 is selected, so names of its compartments are shown, while Class2 is not selected, so it looks like a rectangle:
U2T NNW Selection.jpg

Diagram Header

265172 Place keyword «model» above the name of the Model
265174 Visual distinction between Synchronized and Non-Sync diagrams
On the first picture diagram is synchronized, so clock-like symbol overlays its package icon:
M sync.gif
M unsync.gif

Appearance of the elements

231610 Improve appearance of the class box
217459 Name compartment too big for Ordinary Classes
263848 Improve appearance of Value Specification
265514 Improve package appearance
265585 Improve interface-as-class appearance
265747 Improve appearance of Package-as-frame
Updated appearance of the elements:
U2T NNW enchanced appearance.gif

Enhancements in Property Sheets

266284 Allow to edit reference properties using text cell editor
Now it is possible to type the name of an element in the property sheet. After that it will be referenced automatically.
Setting name of the element 'Class1' using text editor in property sheets:

Enhancements in working with profiles

264932 Profiles in 'Apply Profile' action
Now applying of profile is easy. No more 'Load Resource' action invocation needed.
Once profile has been defined in UML2Tools it will be shown in the list of available profiles in 'Apply profile' action automatically.
262227 Allow to create Image element on diagram
264515 Overlay images of applied stereotype

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here

Milestone 5

The milestone was completed on 12th of February 2009

Validate diagram

260738 Add capability to validate model
'Validate' action was added to all elements in the diagram. It works as 'Validate' action from UMLEditor -- runs constraints defined in UML metamodel.
260741 Provide ability to validate diagram with applied profiles
Constraints defined for a stereotype can be executed on a element, on which the stereotype is applied. Constraints are run by 'Validate' action and managed on 'Model Validation/Constraints' preferences page.

Enhancements in working with Profiles

246358 Show image of stereotype on the extended element
252876 [ProfileDefD] OCL Constraint element
253939 Allow to stereotype a diagram
256356 Optionally display language of the OpaqueExpression on the diagram

Enhancements in the Element chooser

258505 Improve ElementChooser in Property Sheets
261672 [ElementChooser] Content of ListChooser
261691 Filter un-applicable elements in TreeViewer
263018 ElementChooser: Select property value in Tree on dialog opening
263278 [ElementChooser] 'Unset' doesn't work

  • Now element chooser consists of two tabs:
    • Tree Chooser
    • FilteredListChooser
  • The has three roots: Current resource, Loaded resources, Workspace
  • Qualified Name of the selected element is shown in Details label

Improved element selector:
Element selector.jpg

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here

Milestone 4

The milestone was completed on 6th of January 2009

Sequence diagram support

230963 Sequence Diagram support
Sequence diagram sources are available in CVS in 'experimental' folder.

Class diagram synchronization

199731 Structure diagrams synchronization

Stereotype support in all behavior diagrams

257458 Add profile support to behavior diagrams


255532 'Insert' for element in list compartments should create new element
257661 [Diagram synchronization] Add element filter to synch dialog
257653 Constraint: add 'specification' tab to the properties view of a constraint

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here

Milestone 3

The milestone was completed on 17th of November 2008

UML 2.2 Compliance

249625 UML 2.2 Compliance

'Delete from Diagram' action

252802 [Diagram synchronization] Action to delete from diagram

Enhancements in Profile Definition Diagram

246366 [ProfileDefD] Constraint as a note symbol
246368 [ProfileDefD] Show expression of contraint

Stereotype support in all structure diagrams

252748 Allow to apply profiles/stereotypes in all structure diagrams

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here

Milestone 2

The milestone was completed on 4th of October 2008

Basic Timing diagram support

242711 [Timing-D] - Create basic GMF artefacts

Enhancements in stereotype support

246081 Stereotype properties in the property editor
248315 [ClassD] Missing stereotype display for Links

Association source/destination in property sheets

174003 [ClassD] Impossible to edit Association link source/destination properties in diagram editor

Reorganize UML2Tools Preferences

226663 Reorganize UML2Tools Preferences

Enhancements in Component diagram

228234 [ComponentD] Nested Artifacts support

Enhancements in Deployment diagram

246589 [DeploymentD] Nested Artifacts support

A complete list of the enhancement requests resolved in this milestone can be found here

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