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MDT/OCL Photon Deprecations

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This page identifies APIs that may become deprecated in the Photon release.

Entries to this page are added during development and so may be retracted after review.


org.eclipse.ocl.ecore, org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types, *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions

Bug introduced the *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions to avoid the conflicting use of *.ocl for both concrete and abstract syntax. It is not clear that the *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions have ever been used; they are certainly not used by the closer to portable Pivot Abstract Syntax for which the extension is *.oclas. The *.oclecore, *.ocluml and *.oclxmi extensions and their corresponding org.eclipse.ocl.ecore, org.eclipse.ocl.uml content-types are therefore deprecated. See

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