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UML2 Tools is a Graphical Modeling Framework editor for manipulating UML models.

Diagrams provided

  • Structure diagrams
    • Class
    • Profile definition
    • Composite structures
    • Component
    • Deployment
  • Behavior diagrams
    • Activity
    • State machine
    • Use Case
  • Interaction diagrams
    • Sequence (new in Galileo)
    • Timing (under development, source-code available in CVS in 'exprimental' folder)

New Diagram wizards are available in the 'New/Other/UML 2.1 Diagrams' wizard group.
UML2 Tools is based on MDT UML2 metamodel.

UML2 Tools participated in three Eclipse Simultaneous releases:


New and Noteworthy


The samples are available in the Eclipse CVS via Project Set Files and can be downloaded using this PSF file.

CVS login
Username: anonymous
Password: blank

Newsgroups / Mailing Lists

The best way to find an answer to your questions and to offer your suggestions is to write it in UML2 Tools Forum.



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