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M2E-WTP/New and Noteworthy/0.17

New and Noteworthy in m2e-wtp 0.17.0

m2e-wtp 0.17.0 brings you new Java EE related project configurators to help you quickly set up your projects in Eclipse.

The complete changelog is available here.


m2e-wtp requires an Eclipse JavaEE distribution, and can be installed from :

m2e 1.1+ (m2e 1.3 is recommended) and the Maven Archiver 0.15.0+ feature from Sonatype are required. They will be automatically discovered and installed if necessary.

Restart your workspace after the installation.

New optional Java EE configurators

The JBoss Tools project contributed its Java EE m2e project configurators to the m2e-wtp project :

  • JAX-RS project configurator : installs the JAX-RS Facet to war projects having JAX-RS dependencies
  • JSF project configurator : installs the JSF Facet to war projects having a WEB-INF/faces-config.xml, JSF dependencies or defining a FacesServlet in web.xml
  • JPA project configurator : installs the JPA Facet to java projects having a META-INF/persistence.xml descriptor

These configurators are available as optional features from the p2 repository :


Existing project facet configuration will remain unchanged, any subsequent manual modifications to any of these Facet settings will be preserved. Morreover, each of these configurators can be turned off in Window > Preferences > Maven > Java EE integration :


Project conversion enhancements

  • When used with m2e 1.3+, converting existing pure Eclipse JavaEE projects to Maven will automatically pre-set the packaging type, depending on the Java EE Facet installed on the project (`war` for Dynamic Web, `ejb` for EJB, `ear` for Enterprise Application ...)
  • During project conversion to Maven, the maven-ear-plugin version is now set to 2.8 and the maven-war-plugin version is set to 2.3

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