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Maven Integration for Eclipse provides tight integration for Maven into the IDE and providing the following features:

  • Launching Maven builds from within Eclipse
  • Dependency management for Eclipse build path based on Maven's pom.xml
  • Resolving Maven dependencies from the Eclipse workspace without installing to local Maven repository
  • Automatic downloading of the required dependencies from the remote Maven repositories
  • Wizards for creating new Maven projects, pom.xml and to enable Maven support on plain Java project
  • Quick search for dependencies in Maven remote repositories
  • Quick fixes in the Java editor for looking up required dependencies/jars by the class or package name

Project is originally known as m2eclipse, which been developed at the Codehaus and currently is being moved to Eclipse.

You can install last m2eclipse release by using the following update site from within Eclipse:

Stable m2eclipse development builds can be installed from separate update:

Additional information about project will be posted here and to Eclipse project web site.

M2E Extension Development


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