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Lyo/modelling and generation/installation

Installing Lyo Designer

The Modelling environment and code generator is known to work on Eclipse Neon and Oxygen. But, first make sure your Eclipse environment is setup as expected for general OSLC4J development, as instructed in General Setup for OSLC4J development

The easiest way to install Lyo Designer is via the update-site (This URL is intended to be accessed via the Eclipse update functionality, and not via a web browser.)

  1. Select Help --> Install New Software...
  2. Set Work With: to the update site
  3. Select both features (1) Lyo Code Generator and (2) Lyo Toolchain Designer.
  4. Proceed with the installation steps.
  • Note: You will receive a warning that the software contains unsigned content. Press OK to proceed.
  • Problems installing?: If you face problems installing the plugin (or when updating to a new version), try one of the following:
    1. check the "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" option
    2. check/uncheck “Group items by category” (particularly the case, if you get the message “there are no categorized items”)
    3. uninstall existing version and then re-install the plugin again.

Bleeding edge

USE AT YOUR RISK is the update site hosting the untested builds of Lyo Designer.

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