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Lyo OSLC Test Suite


The goal of the Lyo OSLC Test Suite is to provide a suite of tests which will test OSLC domain provider implementations against the specification. An initial suite is now available in the project Git repository. The suite is under development and does not provide full coverage of the implementations it tests at this time. The goals of the OSLC Test Suite are to:

  • provide conformance tests for each of the OSLC domains
    • priority is to cover MUST items first followed by SHOULD and then MAY items
    • provide reporting to show provider implementations how conforming they are.
  • provide a tool to find bugs in OSLC providers and improve their quality

Areas for Improvement

  • Increased coverage for currently supported specifications
  • Coverage for OSLC specifications not currently tested
  • Integrated reporting
  • Improved query tests
  • Improved OAuth tests

Building and running the OSLC Test Suites

See Building and running the OSLC Test Suites 

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