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Frequently Asked Questions about Lyo

Lyo Designer

Q: The validation throws a "The feature 'extends' contains an unresolved proxy" error

A: Make sure you have cloned the repository and imported the project. Once you have done that, close and reopen the modelling project you have been working on. Validation errors should go away.

Q: The validation throws a "The feature 'extends' has a reference to which cannot be found." error

A: See the previous question.


Q: An OSLC adaptor start on a strange URL that has my machine's hostname inside

A: In earlier versions, Lyo used InetAddress.getLocalHost().getCanonicalHostName() to get your hostname. In newer versions, you can set the %servlet-package%.baseurl context parameter in web.xml (where %servlet-package% is the package name where the ServletListener class is located) to something like The server will append the context path and will use it throughout the adaptor.

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