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Building and Running Lyo reference implementations (RIOs) in Eclipse


Create an Apache Tomcat runtime environment in Eclipse

  • Tomcat is the default runtime for OSLC4J samples. Configuration for other runtimes (Jetty, etc) is possible.
  • See the Eclipse documentation for instructions on creating a Tomcat server. Be sure to name the server Apache Tomcat v7.0.
  • Create 1 server on port 8080 for the OSLC4JRegistry catalog application
  • Create 1 server on port 8081 for any sample applications you want to run. In the future, the config will change so all apps can run on the same port.

Clone the Lyo Core and RIO (optional, for Change Management sample) git repositories

This example assumes EGit is being used


  • On the Branch Selection page, select the master branch
  • On the Local Destination page, specify a location or accept the default and click Finish

The repository should now show up in your Git Repositories view

Import Eclipse projects from the git repository

  • In the Git Repositories view, right click and select Import Projects
  • Select the Import Existing Projects wizard and click next
  • Select all components of RIO


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