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Lyo Code Generator Setup


The Lyo Code Generator is known to work on Eclipse Kepler and Luna.

The easiest way to install the generator is via the update-site (This URL is intended to be accessed via the Eclipse update functionality, and not via a web browser.)

  1. Select Help --> Install New Software...
  2. Set Work With: to the update site
  3. Select the Lyo Code Generator feature.
  4. Proceed with the installation steps.
    • Note: You will receive a warning that the software contains unsigned content. Press OK to proceed.

Optional Installations

The generator plugin contains a built-in simple EMF editor to create and manipulate the OSLC adaptor model. Standard EMF editors can equally be used as well. Example standard plugins that can be installed (using Eclipse's Help --> Install new software dialog) are:

  • EMF Facet SDK – providing the editor EMF Facet Model Browser
  • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK – providing the editor Sample Reflective Ecore Model Editor

General Setup for OSLC4J development

The following instructions are not directly related to the Lyo Code Generator, but to OSLC4J development in general. While the generator should work with any other setup, such a setup is known to work for the generator.

  1. Unless already installed, you need to first install the JDK 8 (see the prerequisites).
  2. Install your preferred Eclipse distribution. Which distribution to use?
  3. Once Eclipse is installed, you need to make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the installed JDK (instead of the default JRE).
    1. Select Window-->Preferences
    2. Select Java-->Installed JREs
    3. Click Add...
    4. In the new window that appears,
      1. choose Standard VM as JRE Type
      2. click Next.
      3. As JRE home choose the installation dir of your JDK
      4. click Finish.
    5. Back to the preferences screen
      1. select the old JRE
      2. click Remove
      3. check the newly added JDK and
      4. click OK.

Working with the source code

If you desire to work with the source code of the generator, the following additional steps are required:

  1. Install the following plugins
    1. Acceleo
    2. A suitable EMF editor available through one of the Eclipse plugins "EMF Facet SDK" or "EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK" (See Optional Installations above).
  2. Clone the OSLC Core repository git://
  3. View the Git repository in Eclipse
    1. Open the Git Repositories perspective in Eclipse
    2. Click the Add an existing local Git repository icon.
    3. Select the org.eclipse.lyo.core repository
    4. The repository should now show up in your Git Repositories view
  4. Import the necessary Eclipse projects from the Git repository
    1. In the Git Repositories view, right click the org.eclipse.lyo.core repository and select Import Projects
    2. Select the Import Existing Projects wizard and click next
    3. Select the adaptormodel & codegenerator projects.

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