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LocationTech/October30 2012

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This is the monthly meeting for the LocationTech Steering Committee.

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Time and Location

October 30, 2012



  • Press release, Media, Blog campaigns
    • Set specific date
    • Identify participants


  • Architecture committee, Marketing committee
    • Identify representatives & schedule first meetings


  • Discuss & decide on Location Intelligence proposal
  • FOSS4G/FOSS4G NA updates


  • Infrastructure status update
  • Project proposals/creation update
  • Industry survey
  • Guest invitations update


This meeting is for the Steering Committee only. Please propose topics via. the general discussion list.

The following are the current Steering Committee:

  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Xavier Lopez - Oracle
  • Craig Statchuk - IBM
  • Eddie Pickle - OpenGeo

PLEASE NOTE: once we reach 25 committers and 10 participating members will will hold elections and complete the Steering Committee. For every 5 Strategic members, we add 1 more participating and committer representative.

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