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* Date & time TBA - uDigGIS
* Date & time TBA - OSCAR-js
* Date & time TBA - OSCAR-js
* Date & time TBA - Leaflet
* Date & time TBA - Leaflet

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Sign up here to demo your project via. Google Hangout & On-Air. This will provide a recording of the session automatically. We'll help promote both the live talk and recording.

URLs for sessions will be announced a few moments before each session. Join the discussion list or follow us on twitter to get the URLs. Both of these resources are free & open to anyone. Also, RSVP in advance and we'll be glad to email you the URL.



  • October 10, 2012 - MapBox and OpenStreetMap by Alex Barth
  • RESCHEDULED TO November 13th due to Hurricane Sandy (was October 30, 2012) @ 10am EDT - Cesium, by Matt Ford



  • Date & time TBA - OSCAR-js
  • Date & time TBA - Leaflet





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