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This is an initial landing page for the Location Industry Working Group (IWG) at Eclipse. The site is moving to in November 2012.

This page is no longer being maintained and is available purely for archive reasons. Please visit

This industry working group is governed by the Eclipse Foundation Industry Working Group Process document. You can also read more about the Eclipse Foundation.

LocationTech Industry Working Group

LocationTech will be the leading community for individuals and organizations to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software that is location aware.

The working group formally launch on February 5th, 2013.

Initiative Goals

This group exists to enable a partnership of organizations to invest in and benefit from:

  • High quality re-usable software components that are IP-clean and serve as reference implementation of standards
  • B2B forum of technology consumers and providers


  1. Growing user communities and outreach
  2. Growing developer communities
  3. Growing research communities and encouraging innovation
  4. Growing business communities and markets
  5. Drive increased adoption of location technology, and interoperability
  6. Nurture a vibrant ecosystem for the above communities

Expected outputs

  1. A software forge & build farm including discussion forums and mailing lists
  2. Location aware open source technology projects
  3. A platform, released annually, providing reusable, modular, and "IP Clean" software components
  4. Joint marketing materials, and events


See the frequently asked questions page for more useful information


See the Charter for more useful information including dues.

Get Involved

Next meetings

Schedule a demo for your project

Participate in the Discussions

Join the discussion list

View the discussion list archives

We moved the list to, see the old discussion list archives

View minutes from past meetings

Participate in IWG calls (see the Roadmap below for call dates and times)

IRC live chat

Using your IRC client of choice, you can join the Internet Relay Chat live chat forum by joining #locationtech on Freenode.

Alternatively, use this web client to join "#locationtech".

(simply make up a nickname, complete the captcha, and then click connect)

Edit this wiki

Register for an Eclipse account and contribute to this wiki page


If you know others that would be interested, invite them to this page and the discussion list.

Areas of Interest

  • Storage and processing of massive data volume
  • Model driven design
  • Desktop, Web, and mobile mapping
  • Real time analysis of business critical data

Lead projects

One product of this IWG will be new projects. See a guide on creating a new project.

The LocationTech IWG will provide a forge (code repository, bug tracker, build farm, etc.) for related technology. The following are projects that are interested in hosting in this facility.

We are interested in new projects. If you have some R&D that would benefit from more eyes & developers to advance it, or some useful technology you need to have but it isn't a source of competitive advantage, consider releasing it.


The following is tentative roadmap.

  • Inaugural conference call - Completed, Took place March 22, 2012
  • Conference call - Completed, Took place April 17
  • Conference call - Completed, Took place April 19
  • Face to face meeting - Completed, Took place May 22 in Washington D.C.
  • Create IWG Charter - Completed, posted May 2012
  • Identify inaugural chair - Completed, representatives from IBM & Oracle, May 2012
  • Board resolutions giving approval - Completed with unanimous approval June 19th, 2012
  • Pick a name - Completed June 22, 2012
  • Identify initial projects for launch - In progress, anticipated for June & July 2012
  • Identify initiating member(s) - In progress, deadline to be a Founder October 26, 2012
  • Formal Launch - scheduled for December 5th, 2012

Past meetings

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