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Linux Tools Project/News/NewIn60

All plugins

Added native touchpoints instructions so p2 checks whether the underlying tools (rpm, perf, oprofile..) are installed and if not give message to the user what is missing and what command to use to install it.

Docker Tooling

Update of Docker Client

The level of the underlying com.spotify.docker.client plug-in used to access the Docker daemon has been upgraded to 6.1.1.

New Security Options

Support has been added when launching commands in a Container to specify a security option profile. This can be done in lieu of specifying privileged mode. For example, to run gdbserver, one can specify "seccomp:unprofiled" to allow ptrace commands to be run by the gdb server.

The Run Image Wizard has been modified to allow specifying an unconfined seccomp profile to replace the default seccomp profile.


The security options are also now shown in the Properties View.


Editor Changes

Many of the Linux Tools editors have been modified to use the new generic editor as a base.


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