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Linux Tools Project/News/NewIn41

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Docker Tooling

Support for searching Docker registry for Images

Support has been added to the Run Image Wizard and Pull Image Wizard to search for image tags.

Improved Windows Support

The Windows support has been improved to read the connection settings properly.


OCount Support

OCount support has been added to the OProfile launch configuration. OCount simply gives a total count for a particular event (CPU_CLK_UNHALTED).



Support RPM weak dependencies

RPM tooling has gained support for RPM weak dependencies including autocomplete templates and package name autocomplete when editing. Weakrpm.png

Support buitin %license macro

Editor is enhanced to recognize the new %license macro.

Update feature.xml RPM stubbing

Old style mvn-rpmbuild executable is gone now and the new stub contains %mvn_build and %mvn_install much like plain Maven projects.

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