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Linux Tools Project/New Subproject Checklist


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  • Java package names should start with org.eclipse.linuxtools.<subproject>
  • Properly hide internal classes in internal packages. The internal classes should go into org.eclipse.linuxtools.internal.<subproject> namespace. Private packages should not be exported by the bundles unless marked as x-internal.
  • View, editor and so on ids in plugin.xml should be in the form "org.eclipse.linuxtools.*"
  • Public source code should be commented with proper javadoc. Project settings should be setup to warn developers about that.
  • Project's web site should be enhanced by a new section for the subproject.
  • End user documentation should be written in Eclipse wiki Linux_Tools_Project/User_Guides. Even non end user visible subprojects should have documentation describing it's usage.
  • Each sub-project should have a doc plugin generated from the wiki page using Mylyn/Incubator/WikiText.
  • Bugzilla component for the given subproject should be added.

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