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Linux Tools Project/Eclipse Build

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Eclipse-build aims to ease the building of the Eclipse SDK for Linux distributions.

Prerequisites for building with eclipse-build

  • ANT version 1.7.1 or newer

HOW-TO build Eclipse SDK with eclipse-build

If the build finishes without error there will be a build/eclipse-$YOUR_BUILD_ID-fetched-src/installation directory containing a ready to use Eclipse SDK.

Eclipse-build is verified to work on x86, x86_64 and ppc architectures. Additionally, a ppc64 build is provided in Fedora with additional patches which are not migrated to eclipse-build yet. Eclipse-build has been successfully tested on Fedora 11 and Debian unstable.

Debian Build Requirements

Incomplete list:

* openjdk-6-jdk
* ant
* build-essential
* ... 

NB: At the time of writing (2009-08-13), the "ant" in testing is too old to build eclipse.

Fedora Build Requirements

  • list Fedora build requirements here'

To-do list

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