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Using TortoiseGit to "git submodule update"

  1. Navigate to your git repository which you cloned (eg. eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator)
  2. Right click > TortoiseGit > Submodule Update
  3. Select to Initialize Submodules
  4. Click OK

Known Issues

Fail to clone submodules using msysgit

Per Bug 376400 we discovered that msysgit has a max character limit somewhere around 256 which causes cloning files with a path longer than that to fail.


Cannot git clone via ssh:// protocol (Resolved)

The issue with this is that most user accounts on the Forge will not have shell access to the forge and the ssh:// protocol requires shell to operate. The solution we decided to go with was we provisioned a https:// protocal instead which we will recommend users to use instead.

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