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LDAP Context Provider Dependencies

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This page is a work in progress...

Library Home Page (URL) Jar(s) (URL) Used for Version License (URL) dom4j Used to read and write our XML based configuration file. We also currently use castor generated code to read and write XML configuration data but it doesn't handle all the XML Schema constructs (namespace references) that we need. 1.6.1 (BSD style) log4j Used for logging. 1.2.13(Approved by Orbit) (Approved by Orbit)
Open XDAS Used to raise auditing events through Open XDAS java client. These audit events will be recorded if there is an Open XDAS server running, otherwise, they will have no effect. 0.3.x (BSD style) Bandit utility - part of Identity Abstraction tar Used for XML based configuration reading and writing and several other utility classes. Examples include case insensitive strings, non-escaped XML attribute writer, text manipulation, and small modifications to the Open LDAP RFC filter code listed below.

Common Identity (Higgins) --> LGPL Novell is requesting dual licensing under EPL Open LDAP Used by the LDAP portion bandit utility libraries. 2.3.30 (BSD style)
Xerces Used by the castor generated code (and dom4j?). 2.7.1 (Approved by Orbit)


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