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Kura/Release Process

Kura Build

The Kura distrib build is controlled by the kura/distrib/config/ file. The version of each bundle specified in this properties file will be copied from the maven repository for inclusion into the distrib build.

  • For new (unreleased) versions, the bundle will be copied from the local Maven repository (it should get installed as part of the maven build).
  • For previously released versions, the bundles will be downloaded from the Eclipse Kura releases repository.
    • In order for this to happen correctly, the bundle version for that project should not match the previously released version (e.g. it should be incremented after release. For example, if the last version was 1.0.1, then it should be set to 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT in the branch being built, so that the 1.0.1 version can be downloaded correctly from the Eclipse Kura releases repository).
  • Note that changes you make in a bundle may not get included in your build unless you also edit the file


Add release process details

Post Release

Several things need to be updated in the develop right after the new release. For this section we will use "1.2.3" as the example newly released version.

  • In the develop branch, create a directory for the new release in kura/distrib/RELEASE_INFO
 mkdir -p kura/distrib/RELEASE_INFO/1.2.3
  • Copy all of the *.catalog files from the new release into the RELEASE_INFO directory for that release. These catalog files should be available in the Hudson workspace under distrib/target.
 cp *.catalog kura/distrib/RELEASE_INFO/1.2.3
  • Update the kura/distrib/RELEASE_INFO/ file to refer to the new release
  • Increment the Kura version (i.e. to 1.2.4-SNAPSHOT). Refer to the Kura versioning page on how to do this.
  • For all bundles that were updated in the new release, increment their bundle version (e.g. if was updated and its new version is 1.0.1, set its new bundle version to 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT). Refer to the Kura versioning page on how to do this. Bundles that were not updated in the previous release should remain unchanged.
  • Commit all of these changes into the develop branch

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