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June 2015 Status Meetings


Jay - Wiring up the Reflectivity Calculator to the Reflectivity Model.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Taylor - Got SonarQube working in Eclipse. Working on SonarQube installation on dev box. Testing out latest VisIt release.
Andrew - Porting NiCE wiki articles to new Wiki.


Jay - Helping everyone get ICE build setup.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Kasper - Working on getting ICE setup for development on Linux. Filing bug reports.
Robert - Working on getting ICE built on Windows.
Erica - Working on 'Hello World' Github repo, reading through ICE links.
Elizabeth - Reading through ICE links, setup Github.
Jordan - Working with Robert, working on Paraview VizService.
Taylor - Working with VisIt for HCI research, filing bugs.
Andrew - Researching Eclipse Oomph Installer, setting up virtual machines for install script tests.


Jay - Working on the Reflectivity bundles.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Kasper - Got ICE working for ICE development! Created a new ListComponentNattable class.
Robert - Going over the source code for ICE. Started fixing minor bugs for the file delete in the viz perspective and the CSVPlotEditor.
Erica - Finished building ICE. Looking through the source code.
Elizabeth - Finished building ICE. Starting to look into building analysis tools for quantum work.
Jordan - Trying to fix the windows build issues.
Taylor - Tuning some SonarQube stuff and writing up instructions on how to use it with Eclipse.


Jay - Working on ICE pull requests.
Jordan - Finishing fixing Windows build issues. Working with Robert on some viz bug fixes. Working on ParaViewVizService.
Robert - Working on viz bugs and submitting pull requests. Setting up credentials and requirements for pull requests.
Taylor - Working on SonarQube instructions and Mac build issues.


Taylor - Working on HCI planning.
Jordan - Working on the Paraview VizService related to file types.
Kasper - Working on Reflectivity Model, specifically the nattable support.
Robert - Working on the new Plot Editor.
Andrew - Cleaning up tests in the IO bundle.
Erica - Researching ICE infrastructure. Looking into ICE analysis tool.
Elizabeth - Researching ICE infrastructure. Looking into ICE analysis tool.


Jay - Code reviews for Jordan and Kasper.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Jordan - Working on the Paraview VizService, rendering exodus files.
Kasper - Converting existing table views into Nattables.
Robert - Finished VizServiceFactory, refactoring to utilize IPlots. Adding menus and toolbars to the file viewer.


Alex - Working on MOOSE discrete variables for 'variable' Entries and ICEUpdater updates for MOOSE integration.
Taylor - Met with April about space and computers for HCI study. Working on system and configuration requirements for that. Researching various statistical analysis tools.
Robert - Working on the UI for the PlotEditor and launching VizServices from data files.
Jordan - Working on Proxy architecture for Paraview, looking into connection architecture for VizServices.
Elizabeth - Creating an ICE Item, attending quantum optics meeting.


Jay - Enabling generic workspace selection. Meeting with Kitware to discuss Paraview plugins.
Alex - Got C++ Updater hooked up to Moose Output subclass and communicating with ICE.
Erica - Working on creating Item, working on SULI project report.
Elizabeth - Helping Erica create first Item, working on initial SULI project report.
Kasper - Working on Reflectivity and Materials DB editors, implementing Nattable functionality.
Robert - Working on UI for plot editor, working through issues with loading and thread locking. Meeting with the Kitware team.
Taylor - Reading statistical analysis chapters for HCI research.
Jordan - Working on Paraview VizService, added the ability to change plot types. Meeting with the Kitware team.
Andrew - Working on fixing possible Ubuntu GTK bug.


Jay - Enabling generic workspace selection, code review for Kasper.
Alex - Working on bugs related to discrete variable generation on the Moose tree, merged master into Luna branch.
Jordan - Working on generating screenshot. Working on getting Paraview widgets in SWT.
Taylor - Met with HCI collaborators to discuss configurations for study. Working on custom SonarQube dashboards.
Elizabeth - Working on UML model for AQC IDataProvider.
Erica - Working on UML model for AQC IDataProvider.
Dasha - Working on MOOSE action implementations. Getting ICE setup to do development.
Robert - Finishing up the PlotEditor, cleaning up a few bugs, adding a toolbar.
Kasper - Working on MaterialsDB editor, adding filtered text fields. Code review today for Reflectivity UI table.
Andrew - Working on creating a new Mars target.


Jay - Strategically withdrawing on workspace selection dialog. Working with Kasper on Reflectivity bundle.
Alex - Working on CSV Plot dynamic updates for ICEUpdater and MOOSE.
Robert - Finishing the Menu bar for the PlotEditor, fixing target platform issues.
Kasper - Finished MaterialsDB UI, working on stoichiometry calculator.
Dasha - Built MOOSE, looking at the widget.moose bundle to understand Clone MOOSE action.
Erica - Implementing refactor on UML model for AQCDataProvider, starting on it, its test, and Instance class implementation.
Elizabeth - Implementing UML refactor for AQCEnergyData and AQCQubitData, and tests.
Taylor - Working on custom SonarQube dashboard, preparing demonstration.
Jordan - Working on ICE screenshot for large Exodus mesh and VizService connections and preferences.


Jay - Merging in Kasper's Materials code. Pictures for NEAMS.
Alex - Working on youtube video for updated MOOSE tools.
Jordan - Setting up Window's laptop for photos, cleaning up code from SonarQube results and Paraview mouse zoom.
Taylor - Working on internal SonarQube installation.
Kasper - Working on porting the Visual Basic reflectivity code into Java.
Elizabeth - Working on AQC IData implementations.
Erica - Working on tester for AQCDataProvider, implemented FakeData class.
Robert - Researching SWTBot and writing tests for Plot Editor.
Andrew - Working on the Mars target.

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