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June 2015 Status Meetings


Jay - Wiring up the Reflectivity Calculator to the Reflectivity Model.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Taylor - Got SonarQube working in Eclipse. Working on SonarQube installation on dev box. Testing out latest VisIt release.
Andrew - Porting NiCE wiki articles to new Wiki.


Jay - Helping everyone get ICE build setup.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Kasper - Working on getting ICE setup for development on Linux. Filing bug reports.
Robert - Working on getting ICE built on Windows.
Erica - Working on 'Hello World' Github repo, reading through ICE links.
Elizabeth - Reading through ICE links, setup Github.
Jordan - Working with Robert, working on Paraview VizService.
Taylor - Working with VisIt for HCI research, filing bugs.
Andrew - Researching Eclipse Oomph Installer, setting up virtual machines for install script tests.


Jay - Working on the Reflectivity bundles.
Alex - Working on new MOOSE Composite Item and tests.
Kasper - Got ICE working for ICE development! Created a new ListComponentNattable class.
Robert - Going over the source code for ICE. Started fixing minor bugs for the file delete in the viz perspective and the CSVPlotEditor.
Erica - Finished building ICE. Looking through the source code.
Elizabeth - Finished building ICE. Starting to look into building analysis tools for quantum work.
Jordan - Trying to fix the windows build issues.
Taylor - Tuning some SonarQube stuff and writing up instructions on how to use it with Eclipse.

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