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Jetty WTP Plugin/Jetty WTP Install

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Installing the WTP Adaptor

This functionality is currently unmaintained, though it would be nice to find something that used it and wanted to improve it.

To install the WTP Adaptor, complete the following steps.

  1. Open Eclipse.
  2. In the taskbar at the top of your screen, click Help -> Install New Software. The Available Software dialog box opens.
  3. Jetty-wtp-install1.jpg

  4. In the Work with: field, type one of the URLs provided below:
    • Stable releases of the plugin:
    • More bleeding edge versions of the plugin (each successful build on Hudson):
  5. Press Return.
  6. In the Name/Version box below, select the box for Jetty WTP Adaptor Site.

  7. Jetty-wtp-install2.jpg

  8. Click Next.
  9. The Install Details dialog box opens.
  10. Jetty-wtp-install3.jpg

  11. Click Next again.
  12. The Review Licenses dialog box opens.
  13. Jetty-wtp-install4.jpg

  14. Accept the terms and click Finish.
  15. The Installing Software dialog box opens, displaying progress for installing the WTP adaptor. When it completes, the Software Updates dialog box opens with a message that you need to restart Eclipse to complete the installation.
  16. Click Restart Now.
  17. Jetty-wtp-install5.jpg

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