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Jetty WTP Plugin/Jetty WTP External WebApp

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Using an External Web Application

This functionality is currently unmaintained, though it would be nice to find something that used it and wanted to improve it.

Sometimes you want to use a web application that you created by other means than generating a Dynamic WEB Project (for example, by using Ant).

For instance, the Jetty7 distribution provides a test.war which shows you the features of Jetty 7 (WebSocket..). Here we use this WAR without creating a Dynamlc Web Project to start it.

The example that follows works only if the port for your web application is 8080.

  1. Copy test.war from D:\Servers\jetty-distribution-7.1.6.v20100715\webapps.

  2. Jetty-wtp-external1.jpg

  3. unzip test.war in D:\tmp :

  4. Jetty-wtp-external2.jpg

  5. Navigate to the Modules tab of your Jetty server, in this case Jetty v7.0 Server at localhost.

  6. Jetty-wtp-external3.jpg

  7. Click Add External Web Module.
  8. The Add Module dialog box opens.


  9. In the Document base field, enter D:\tmp\test.
  10. For the Path, enter /test (this is the context path).
  11. Click OK.
  12. The test module is now in the Web Modules list.


    The page http://localhost:8080/test/ now shows you Jetty home test WAR:


    The list of web applications also includes http://localhost:8080/mywebapp/. You can add or remove any dynamic Web project or external Web application.

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