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Jetty WTP Plugin/Jetty WTP External WebApp

Using an External Web Application

Sometimes it can be useful to use a web application that you created by other means than Dynamic WEB Project (for example, by using Ant).

For instance, the Jetty7 distribution provides a test.war which shows you the features of Jetty 7 (WebSocket..). Here we use this WAR without creating a Dynamlc Web Project to start it.

  1. Copy test.war from D:\Servers\jetty-distribution-7.1.6.v20100715\webapps </li?
  2. Jetty-wtp-external1.jpg
  3. unzip test.war in D:\tmp :

  4. Jetty-wtp-external2.jpg

  5. To open the launch, in the Modules tab, click Add External Web Module.

  6. Jetty-wtp-external3.jpg

    Fill the dialog like this :


    • document base : D:\tmp\test
    • Path : /test (it's the context path)

    Click on OK button, test module must appear :


    If you go at http://localhost:8080/test/ This page show you Jetty home test war :


    You can notice that http://localhost:8080/mywebapp/ is available too. You can add/remove as you wish any Dynamic Web Project or External WEB Application.

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