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Jetty/Howto/Upgrade from Jetty 7 to Jetty 8

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Apparently there is very little difference between Jetty 7 and 8 and so no need for an upgrade tool like the one for 6 to 7. For more details read the following reply to the message I posted on:-

which says:-

The codebases for Jetty 7 and Jetty 8 are for all practical purposes identical.

They only differ by their Servlet API support level. Jetty 7 = Servlet API 2.5 Jetty 8 = Servlet API 3.0

In fact we make changes on Jetty 7 in our git repository and merge them up to Jetty 8 as our normal development processes. Since you are using the RewriteHandler and ForwardedSchemeHeaderRule there is a very high degree of confidence that they are identical in both Jetty 7 and Jetty 8.

There really no need for a jetty7to8-1.0.jar as it would literally be a class like this ...

public class Main {

  public static void main(String args[]) {
     System.out.println("Success, your Jetty 7 codebase and webapp will now run in Jetty 8");


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