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JavaScript debugger for IE

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Getting the Code

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Detailed Description

From roadmap of ATF

   * Write I.E debugger
   * Refactor ATF Code to support multiple browsers
   * Browser Tools
   * Support DOM Level 3 API for DOM inspector.
   * Move Mozilla DOM inspector to DOM Level 3 API.
   * Support adapter interfaces for specifying console/monitor
   * Support common code for debugger when possible
         o Not sure there is much code to share between an IE debugger and the Mozilla debugger. The existing eclipse debug APIs seen to be a good point to make the separation.
   * Generic Run/Debug launch code.
   * Extension point definitions
   * Resolve legal issues
         o No rights to ship the needed Microsoft dlls.
         o User required to install Microsoft® Windows® Script debugger
   * Resolve quality question
         o What we have heard is that the quality of the debug support for I.E is very poor.

Some Initial Thoughts from Li Ha






Useful links

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