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Higgins face-to-face meeting in Provo, Utah, January 15-17, 2008.

Location Novell's office. 1800 South Novell Place, Provo, UT 84606, (801) 861-7000

The event will start Tuesday January 15h at 9:00AM and end Thursday, January 17th at noon.

Hotel: Several of us are staying at the Marriott Conference Center in Provo (Map).

There are also a few hotels within walking distance (may have to deal with snow though) The markers are off. From left to right,

  • The La Quinta is across the street (west) and has a visible swimming pool.
  • The Fairfield has a blue roof
  • The Hampton is next to (east) of the Fairfield
  • The Sleep Inn is next to (northeast) of the Hampton

Weather Dress warm. It may be cold.

Expected Attendees:

  1. Dale Olds - Novell
  2. Jim Sermersheim - Novell
  3. Mary Ruddy - SocialPhysics/Parity
  4. Paul Trevithick - SocialPhysics/Parity
  5. Tony Nadalin - IBM
  6. Tom Doman - Novell
  7. Daniel Sanders - Novell
  8. Phil Hunt - Oracle
  9. Drummond Reed - Cordance/Parity

Preliminary Agenda


  • Beyond Higgins 1.0 <-- lots of topics for discussion here
  • Review of outstanding bugzilla bugs (known bugs in 1.0)
  • Higgins IdAS and IGF design - call in session?
  • Configuration component: need two versions of Configuration.common (one for plugin-based configurations and one for jar-based configurations)
  • Drill down on STS - Mike M.
    • Merging SAML2 IdP into STS framework
      • Naming
        • rename low level reusable sts.* components -> htp.* (Higgins Token Processing)
        • use the term "STS" or "SAML IdP" for deployment configurations
    • Support for OATH in STS framework
    • STS token service still bypasses IdAS to access/update attributes
    • Sample STS should cut over to using XMLFile Context Provider
    • Use of "informationCard generator" in STS's profile service?
    • Currently the STS MEX endpoint only advertises support for transport-level security (using UN token or self-seigned SAML token)
  • Discuss the development of a "portable ledger" format that would allow import/export of this ledger so that card history could be maintained (at least within Higgins selectors)
  • Planning for Higgins 1.1M1
  • Configuration component
    • support "writing" not just reading
    • better support for passwords in the file
    • make it possible to do "round tripping" somehow (MikeM)
    • central configuration service?
      • problems: how to transfer stuff from file system (e.g. keystore) to the service?
      • we're currently passing objects around that are hard to serialize
      • use JSON
  • Presentation and demo of a Novell open source IdP that uses Higgins STS and IdAS components. Presentation will include the following:
    • High level architectural overview of IdP and how Higgins STS and IdAS are used.
    • Demonstration.
      • Download the IdP tarball.
      • Build it.
      • Deploy to server that has Tomcat installed.
      • Configure using web based admin.
        • Miscellaneous configuration.
        • Configuration of attributes that can be stored.
        • Configuration of information card templates.
        • Configuration of Java keystore
        • Configuration of IdAS context provider.
        • Look at the XML configuration files that are generated by admin.
        • Customizing how the IdP will look and feel.
      • Create user account
      • Manage user account, including change password
      • Issue information card using a card template
      • Use information card


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