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Overview about version 0.7

The Eclipse project Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) released version 0.7 which is now available for download. JWT aims to build design time, development time and runtime workflow tools and to foster an ecosystem of interoperable Business Process Management (BPM) platforms. JWT is integrated in the yearly release train of Eclipse and was already part of Eclipse Galileo.

The main features of the new release are:

  • The meta model has been restructured: the project team separated the meta model that includes the business logic from the layout information. An independent meta model now allows developers to handle JWT workflows without causing unnecessary dependencies. View specific data like coordinates are now stored in a separate diagram file which makes the original files not only more robust, but also much lighter and easier to handle. Model transformations, like from and to BPMN, XPDL or the STP project's Intermediate Model are therefore easier to implement and maintain. To improve the visual representation of workflows, multiple layout information can now be stored for each element in the model.
  • Automatic layout algorithms, which have been included from the popular GEF Zest project, finally remove the need of tedious rearranging of positions. Simply using an horizontal, vertical, spring or tree-based theme, the workflow models can now easily be arranged to a preferred layout.
  • New converter: Full support for workflow files from previous versions of JWT is now guaranteed by a new ATL-based converter. While the old converter transformed the model elements using Java code, the new converter allows an easy adaptation to future changes of the meta model, including migration of user developed model extensions.

Besides the mentioned changes, version 0.7 provides a better support for aspect-oriented model extensions and significant improvements in performance and stability.

Version 0.7 is a joint release by researchers and developers of the University of Augsburg (Institute of Software and Systems Engineering, group of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer) and the French company OpenWide SA. The University of Augsburg is now also an official (associate) member of the Eclipse Foundation.

Find more details and several screenshots in the Release review slides!

List of bugs

The following shows a list of bugs that have been worked on and mainly fixed for version 0.7.

bug_id resolution short description
206999 WONTFIX generic event dispatcher
238259 FIXED Add extension point for views
215238 INVALID Adapt simulator to changed namespaces
232953 INVALID Problems with rights in Vista
248567 FIXED source out metamodel?
249916 FIXED extend/rewrite the converter
296235 FIXED converter from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
297843 FIXED Ecore file not accessible for transformations
298090 FIXED adapt build environment for 0.7.0
262786 DUPLICATE Transformations from BPMN to JWT
277084 FIXED Export wizard should propose to save input model if necessary
297844 FIXED Adapt transformations to changes in the metamodel
298046 FIXED BPMN transformation generates files in version 0.6.0
205835 FIXED translate 'official' eclipse commands
215187 WONTFIX problem with toolbar when converter is running
216458 INVALID Mac installer does not work
248565 FIXED separate view-specific model content and support different view data
258401 WORKSFORME unable to add eddges (reference and/or activity) to workflow after it has run in AgilPro Simulator
258622 FIXED activity is not removed if it's deleted indirectly
258626 FIXED import workflow templates into existing workflows
258816 FIXED include layout algorithms
262357 WORKSFORME Extension point for marking activity nodes
263485 FIXED Reference activated instead of element
275874 WONTFIX display datatypes in the data field on the overview page
279605 FIXED Open wizard when clicking on the JWT entry from the "sample" section of welcome page
285165 FIXED Apply layout algorithm does not work
294791 FIXED The screen was not correctly displayed, it was necessary to restart Eclipse
295572 FIXED New workflow model gets opened twice in workflow editor
295887 DUPLICATE References are not built automatically within the workflow editor
296224 FIXED view data consistency check
296231 FIXED dynamic properties tab is not shown
296232 FIXED view dropdown text changes
296238 FIXED transition of plugins to 0.7.0
296241 FIXED regenerate view files for 0.7.0 metamodel
297482 FIXED exception in outline view
297945 FIXED wrong behavior after loading error
298035 FIXED Creating a new file does not open the newly created file
298036 FIXED Event has no icon in the palette
298039 FIXED Some more icons missing or not set correctly
298040 FIXED Several warnings from NLS and handler conflicts
298044 FIXED JWT Examples need to be converted
298045 FIXED Views have strange behavior
298048 FIXED EPC View: Conf file could not be found
298053 FIXED check exported folders
298076 FIXED Layout information missing when switching to another file
281998 FIXED A roadmap should be easily accessible from JWT website
296319 FIXED Store default values in conf-file
262021 WONTFIX Make XPDL exported files compatible with Enhydra Shark
202259 WONTFIX Data handling
249361 DUPLICATE Migrate EMF templates to Ganymede
286920 FIXED HTML docu does not work when data without name exists
293986 FIXED Allow to open a workflow model that uses unknown Aspect extensions
296332 FIXED Views do not work anymore for outsourced metamodel
298038 DUPLICATE UML Activity diagram view does not have own figures
298043 FIXED Aspects from 0.6.0 can not be loaded anymore
276694 FIXED Only one external view in workflow editor possible
289035 FIXED "Save as" to new file does not save attached aspects
293939 FIXED Provide Logging Aspect sample

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