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JWT Meetings/Minutes09April08


  • F. Lautenbacher
  • M. Dutoo
  • M. Istria
  • C. Saad


  • 4pm to 5.50pm


Short summary about EclipseCon 2009 (C. Saad, F. Lautenbacher)

  • Many meetings, very helpful
  • Successful for Scarbo for debuging the tools for the presentation before
  • Discussion with John Graham about graduation, Tools project might be a good alternative

Feedback from Linux Solutions, Scarbo release and website, possible impact and improvement on JWT website, advertising on tss (M. Dutoo, M. Istria)

  • Linux Solutions: many people there (Obeo, INRIA, EBM Websourcing), but only few in the presentation
  • Another possibility to describe about JWT, integrate in the press page of JWT, M.Dutoo will integrate it
  • Scarbo website improved, Uni Augsburg will have a look, maybe integrate more aspects in JWT website
  • Changes on the wiki: development on the bottom and community on the top, more about press, changes here, etc.
  • Screenshots on the website would be necessary
  • Work on tutorial on the Wiki (existing DOC as starting point), wiki/JWT_Tutorial/parts*, export as PDF later on to maybe ship it somewhen, maybe use cheat sheets there? C.Saad: Open a bug for that (to discuss it)
  • Eclipse Help system for developers necessary with some advanced features
  • SCA Editor has a lot of interesting wizards, that we should look at (sometimes also interactive)
  • JWT Examples should be supported in Galileo
  • TSS: The Server Side, InfoQ: writing (short) articles for new releases
  • Import existing XPDL into a graphical editor? New feature request?

Current development status (all)

  • Multiple View Branch: probably one month more until the development is finished, will only be included after Galileo
  • Better integration with JDT, use widgets; Workflow in Java project, introspecting classes in the project when creating new java applications
  • Fixed bugs of Galileo
  • Monitoring Bonita still has problems (maybe concerned about Hibernate/OSGi integration), probably try EJB version of Bonita, contact Guillaume for assistance with Web services

Remaining To-Dos for Galileo and dividing responsibility (M. Istria, proposed by F.Lautenbacher)

  • Branding, Communication, etc. any assistance is helpful (Tutorial will be done by C.Saad, integration together with F.Lautenbacher)
  • Tutorial will be linked from the welcome page
  • Own plugin for examples (F.Lautenbacher)
  • N&N: Some background about JWT for newbies, new extensible workflow editor with import/export transformations (M. Dutoo, F. Lautenbacher will work on it together)
  • Accessibility: mark as FIXED (maybe open a bug for enhancement to enable the shortcuts again or already an existing one?)
  • MUSTDO: Almost ready, only API still missing
  • M.Istria/M.Dutoo will work on Usability of Manage Profiles tab
  • Restructure Applications, Data, other things in the metamodel still something to do, will be discussed after Galileo
  • M.Istria will work on Babel PTT after the end of April
  • bidi = bidirectional (arabic text written from right to left), will be marked as WONTFIX
  • UI freeze on M7, no changes to wizards and editors allowed after that (NLS freeze), can be closed afterwards

Topics for Wayne's slides Ten Eclipse Projects you haven't heard enought about (F. Lautenbacher)

  • Quite short (about 2 slides), only to interest people
  • We'll try to get integrated there, only 5 projects right now; maybe Wayne will kick us out since we already have a 60 minutes talk at the same conference
  • M.Istria will work on it

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