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JWT Meetings/Minutes03May12

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Augsburg U :

  • been busy, not much resources
  • still bpmn2 view, but not in juno

Open Wide :

  • 1. JWT (from Design, to Runtime on Scarbo / BonitaSoft again), integrated with EasySOA service registry and (wokrflow) repository
  • 2. Multi platform processes : typically model your business as a process in a first design phase, then refine / refactor to say which parts are executed on ex. "true" workflow solution like Scarbo, custom code in an existing application like an entreprise portal, or human process
  • & some more ideas : document management solution (ECM) integration, browser, wiki...

Discussion about how to do export :

  • export either of what's selected (activity tab or subprocess emf element), or composite export
  • chris' ideas to select : outline checkbox jface viewer in wizard, also see in the overview page

Yearly release


build :

  • a lot of projects have switched to tycho / maven. Chris had a look at it but too late & risky (not much doc, specific stuff)
  • so rather maintain / patch current CBI build
  • & TODO LOW PRIORITY yoann will have a look about what it would mean / entail / require / risks

e4 : see

  • jwt runs on eclipse 4.1 quite will thanks to the compatibility layer, but some minor bugs become visible
  • new e4 features : only dependency injection is really interesting
    • injection of eclipse services : TODO LOWER PRIORITY yoann look for references to EclipseWorkspace and other static classes to get an idea of the impact)
    • BUT then not compatible with eclipse 3 (will be supported until 2014 to the least) UNLESS "forward compatibility layer" : TODO LOW PRIORITY yoann risks (because only developed by 1 person ?)
    • NEXT YEAR of ours / servicization of JWT (requires refactoring)

babel translations status : see

yearly release story :

  • eclipse 4 support + svg + bugfixes
  • could become : eclipse 4 + design phase tool integration (ECM, SVG)

project management

project plan :

  • ok as is for now, refine it in 3 weeks

commiters vote :

  • TODO marc email ml committer, remove non-voting older ones (bull)


  • ECE talk ideas : e4 (forward), generic export ECM
  • JWT users : some but not autorization right now
  • proposal isaas : need time ; pbs competition big players, more technical consistency could be solved ; maybe opportunity when Open Wide and EasiFab talk business together...

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