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JWT Meetings

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Previous meetings

Future meetings and telcos

There will be an open available telco every three weeks. They will happen every third Wednesday afternoon, at 4pm CET (the first one had been on February, 4th 2009 at 10am CET).

These telcos will be done via Skype. If you are interested to participate, just say so in an email to the jwt-dev mailing list or send Florian Lautenbacher a short note with your Skype ID so you can be included in the telco. Also, please let him know if you have an additional topic for the next telco which you would like to talk about.

Meeting Date & Agenda Minutes
JWT Agenda for February, 4th 2009 Minutes
JWT Agenda for February, 25th 2009 Minutes
JWT Agenda for March, 18th 2009 Minutes
JWT Agenda for April, 8th 2009 Minutes

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