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JSDT/Debug/Rhino/Embedding Rhino Debugger

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This page describes how you can take advantage of the remote Rhino debug support from both the client and server side. It provides in-depth details on how to set up Rhino debugging in your server and how you can connect to a server already running the Rhino debugger.

There are two pieces to make this work:

  1. the server-side bits org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.debug.rhino.debugger and org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.debug.transport that are used to load scripts to be debugged, and
  2. the client-side bits which is the Eclipse integration and UI

The server-side requires a bit of configuration and some custom coding to get working as you want, but the client-side works the same way as Java remote debugging; such that you specify the address and port to connect to and start debugging.

System Properties

Debug String

Embedding the Debugger

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