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JGit/New and Noteworthy/6.0



JGit 6.0 requires Java 11 to run. Previous versions required a minimum of Java 1.8.

Please note that memory management in Java is different between Java versions; there are new garbage collection strategies. One corporate user of JGit who has been using it for a long time running on Java 11 reported that switching from Java 1.8 to Java 11 and using the new G1GC default garbage collector improved stability but might require about 10% more memory.

API changes

  • CommitCommand.setCredentialsProvider() is now fluent, returning the CommitCommand itself to allow chaining setters.
  • RenameDetector.compute() throws org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.CanceledException on cancellation instead of org.eclipse.jgit.errors.CancelledException.

For the full list of API changes, see the automated API comparison report linked on the JGit download page.

SSH Agent Support

JGit 6.0 comes with a new bundle org.eclipse.jgit.ssh.apache.agent, which provides support for communicating with an SSH agent:

  • On Windows, it supports detecting Pageant, the SSH agent of PuTTY, and communicating with it through its shared memory mechanism.
  • On Unix (Linux, BSD, OS X), it supports communicating with an SSH agent via the usual Unix domain socket mechanism. The Unix domain socket file is given via environment variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK.

The bundle publishes a service for java.util.ServiceLoader; the main SSH support in org.eclipse.jgit.ssh.apache uses the ServiceLoader to find the service implementation. If none is found, SSH agent support is not available.

Using the new bundle org.eclipse.jgit.ssh.apache.agent is completely optional; and JGit users are free to provide their own implementation instead in a third-party bundle. The bundle just has to publish an org.eclipse.jgit.transport.sshd.agent.ConnectorFactory implementation as service. (Ensure that the classpath is set up such that the ServiceLoader can find the custom implementation from within bundle org.eclipse.jgit.ssh.apache. In an OSGi environment, this is most easily achieved by making the bundle an OSGi fragment with that bundle as host.)

The implementation uses JNA for low-level system operations.


Some directives in the ~/.ssh/config file are not handled yet:

  • IdentityAgent
  • AddKeysToAgent
  • SecurityKeyProvider

Support for these is planned for a future version as it needs upstream changes in the Apache MINA sshd library used by JGit for SSH communication.

Integration with a native keychain (the UseKeychain directive on Mac) is not supported.

Agent forwarding is not supported. Use the ProxyJump directive in ~/.ssh/config instead.


The following 10 developers worked on this release:

Alex Blewitt, Alina Djamankulova, Han-Wen Nienhuys, Ivan Frade, Julian Ruppel, Kyle Zhao, Marco Miller, Matthias Sohn, Saša Živkov, Thomas Wolf

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