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JGit/New and Noteworthy/5.3

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GPG-signing Commits

JGit 5.3.0 can sign commits with GPG.

<TBD: description, explanation of command-line options and of git config settings>

TBD: SSH Library

Bundle org.eclipse.jgit.ssh.apache, introduced in the last release and implementing a new SSH session factory based on Apache MINA sshd, has been updated to Apache MINA sshd 2.2.0.

Because of incompatible upstream interface changes, it will work only with that precise version of Apache MINA sshd.

Thanks to the update, the SSH support now also works for connections using encrypted new-style OpenSSH private keys, for instance password-protected ed25519 keys.

Other Changes

The complete list of new features and bug fixes is available in the release notes.


The following X developers worked on this release:

<TBD: list of contributors, number>

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