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JGit/New and Noteworthy/3.7



  • Add basic support for .gitattributes
  • Use slf4j for logging
  • Introduce hook support into the FS implementations (on Posix and Cygwin)
  • Support for the pre-commit hook
  • Provide more details in exceptions thrown when packfile is invalid

JGit Command Line

  • JGit command line: add option --orphan for checkout command

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update build to use Tycho 0.22
  • Use target platform DSL and generator to maintain target platforms

Bug Fixes

3 Bugs and 0 enhancement requests were closed


The following 14 developers worked on this release of JGit:

Alexander Kurtakov, Andrey Loskutov, Arthur Daussy, Christian Halstrick, Dave Borowitz, David Pletcher, Frank Wagner, Ilmars Poikans, Jonathan Nieder, Laurent Goubet, Matthias Sohn, Rüdiger Herrmann, Shawn Pearce, Stefan Beller

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