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(Command Line)
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==Command Line==
==Command Line==
* Move gc to package org.eclipse.jgit.pgm
* Make gc a public command
=Performance Improvements=
=Performance Improvements=

Revision as of 17:21, 24 September 2013



  • Move ArchiveCommand into standard porcelain API
  • Add path option to StatusCommand
  • ResetCommand: Allow reset on unborn branch when ref not specified


  • Add tgz, txz and tbz2 archive formats
  • Add long filename, large file, and non-ASCII filename support to TarFormat
  • Make sure checkout is not deleting folders outside the working tree
  • Implement, this can be used for listing remote refs for a repository on the file system without having a local repository.
  • Enable LsRemoteCommand to work without local repository

Command Line

  • Make gc a public command

Performance Improvements

  • Use a bucket sort for PackReverseIndex, this improves performance of creating a reverse pack index by a factor of 3.

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update build to use Tycho 0.18
  • Update to Jetty 7.6.11.v20130520
  • Update to Orbit Kepler SR1 release R20130827064939
  • Update build to use CBI jarsigner plugin

Bug Fixes

4 Bugs and 2 enhancement requests were closed


The following 5 developers worked on this release of JGit:

Matthias Sohn, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Shawn Pearce, Tomasz Zarna

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