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JGit/New and Noteworthy/3.0

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  • TagCommand now also supports creating simple unannotated (lightweight) tags (bug 349223)

API Changes and Migration Hints

Details of API changes in 3.0 compared to the previous release 2.3.1 are available in the Clirr API change report

(TODO: adapt link when release is available)

Internal storage API moved to internal packages

Applications are not supposed to build against the internal storage API unless they can accept API churn and make necessary updates as versions change.

  • package was moved to
  • package was moved to

In order to construct specific Repository instances use the respective builder classes:


WindowCache reconfiguration

Instead of

WindowCacheConfig c = new WindowCacheConfig();
... set new configuration params ...


WindowCacheConfig c = new WindowCacheConfig();
... set new configuration params ...

FollowFilter requires DiffConfig

Creation of a FollowFilter now needs an explicit DiffConfig, this was necessary to fix an NPE (see

public static FollowFilter create(String path, DiffConfig cfg)

Performance Improvements

  • TODO

Bug Fixes

14 Bugs and 0 enhancement requests were closed


The following X developers worked on this release of JGit:


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