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How to inspect the git index

To see what's stored in the git index

$ git ls-files -v -s]
<file type> <mode> <object>                       <stage> <file>)
H 100644 dc701694e405702940dc97caada20a3e5d64bbba 0     .eclipse_iplog
H 100644 f57840b7eec86b91b135afc40f20d950c5d86988 0     .gitattributes
H 100644 1b85c64665f461a1ac948345c5f8034b751eda93 0     LICENSE
  • The debug-show-dircache command in jgit-cli.jar (get it from the jgit maven build) provides some more details
$ java -jar jgit-cli.jar --git-dir /c/git/jgit/.git debug-show-dircache
<mode><length>   <timestamp>         <object>                                      <file>
100644    871 20100706,131532.000    dc701694e405702940dc97caada20a3e5d64bbba      .eclipse_iplog
100644     17 20100219,165448.000    f57840b7eec86b91b135afc40f20d950c5d86988      .gitattributes
100644   1716 20100706,131532.000    1b85c64665f461a1ac948345c5f8034b751eda93      LICENSE

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