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JFace Data Binding/Getting started

Getting startet 19:03, 12 October 2007 (EDT)

The best you can do at this time, is to check out the examples from CVS for review. Eclipse provides easy CVS access. Just open the CVS Perspective (Window | Open Perspective | CVS) and add a new Repository Location. When done, your settings should look like this:


Expand the HEAD branch and browse for org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding. You can check out the package [RMB: Check out as] into your Workspace as a new Project or into an existing Project.

When checked out, you'll find the examples under org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding.snippets. Most of the examples provide a main method, you can run it as a Java Application to see what happens.

Note for RCP developers: You don't need to care for the realm Object. Since 3.3,

does this for you.

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