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JFace Data Binding/Binding

Bindings synchronize the values of 2 observables in JFace Data Binding. The synchronization process is comprised of phases of validation and conversion. The specific phases available are dependant upon the type of binding.

JFace Data Binding
How to Contribute

Value Bindings

A value binding binds two IObservableValue instances. The order of phases are:

Validate After Get

Validation of the value before conversion. This phase can be used to ensure that conversion will succeed.


Converts the value to the expected type.

Validate After Convert

Validates the converted value.

Validate Before Set

Validates before setting the value. The only difference between 'before set' and 'after convert' is a conceptual one. Before set can be used to perform expensive validation that should be deferred until the value is copied to the model. This comes in handy in a dialog setting where validation should occur before the changes are committed.

Set Value

The value is set on the opposite observable. This stage is exposed in UpdateValueStrategy to allow the consumer to persist changes when the value is set.

List Bindings

A list binding binds two IObservableList instances. The order of phases are:


Convert the value to the expected type.


Update the opposite observable with the change.

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